State of the Industry

Swapping between different infrastructure providers and transferring enterprise data between storage platform providers compromises business consistency and can take months and cost millions.  


The Solution

Datomia: An adaptive data fabric

Client data lives simultaneously on any data platform (cloud and on-premise) in an atomized, enterprise hybrid data fabric





The Datomia Difference

40%+ Savings

Vendor Independence

Military Grade Encryption

10X Speed & Performance

No Single Point of Failure

Instantaneous Data Portability

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The Datomia Solution

CXO's on Datomia's Market Advantage

80% of enterprises aren’t in the cloud because they don’t want to be locked in to one specific vendor. Datomiaovercomes that issue.
— COO, Fortune 500 media company
[Datomia] is definitely an elegant solution to address our disaster recovery issue.
— VP, Infrastructure multibillion product company
A lot of hacking is due to the fact that AWS is misconfigured.…Datomia solves that problem.
— CISO, Fortune 500 luxury personal goods company
…I like that I can pick/mix my storage providers AND locations AND that Datomia® works with all their low cost storage options!
— Freeman, Kodak Alaris
Datomia gave us total flexibility, saved us money and on top-of all - we now feel like we have a partner to scale our operation while creating full confidence for our customers.
— Technology Lead, IoT company
Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 7.44.21 PM.png