Your data lives simultaneously on any data platform in a secure, atomized, enterprise hybrid data fabric

Global Data Fabric
Next generation virtualization of the cloud and
on-premise file system

Vendor Independence
Any platform, any location with complete interop between.
Datomia allows clients to add/drop vendors and lets them scale

Only 60% of obfuscated and distributed atoms are needed
to recreate the original file
Military-grade Security and Disaster Recovery.
Even if storage location is compromised, only obfuscated data atoms can be seen

10x Faster using the same Storage standard connection.
Read/Write speed increase massively since we access multiple locations using data atoms

Abstraction provides Data Mobility

Enterprises make multiple copies of their data (3-5x), with Datomia only 1.4x
Security, Privacy and Resiliency
Military-grade Security and Disaster Recovery
Datomia "shreds" all data and creates an embedded meta-data signature for each Data Atom. 60% of the atoms are necessary to retrieve the file, so any individual breach is useless to the reader.

Every atom is obfuscated prior to write, meaning it is not possible to read or index the contents. This is 100% security and privacy.

Datomia software is compliance and data protection, impervious to data classification or credential errors

Data Security
Only useless meta-data can be extracted from any provider or on-premises Datomia vault.
60% of atoms are necessary for retrieval
Data cannot be indexed by the providers, resulting in the complete privacy even in absence of encryption. Datomia is protection against common human and cloud provider classification errors
Only authorised Datomia users can access the integrated Datomia database. Finding and retrieving your data across the globe is simple and standartized
10x performance improvement over standard point to point connections
Optimized frame size and link aggregation result in an average of
10x better improvement
Content Delivery Networks, Upgraded Connectivity and WAN acceleration products are illuminated with Datomia
Vendor Lock
Ability to recover files with only 60% of the Data Atoms means complete data portability without compromise