About Us

Datomia is an adaptive data fabric that distributes and secures data and media content in an atomized, enterprise hybrid data fabric.  While current marketplace offerings typically focus on one or two areas of delivery, Datomia uniquely provides four key pillars of data/content management:  savings, speed, security and reliability. 

Datomia provides 10 times performance increase, massive scale and reliability by dispersing data to a variety of public and private clouds, and by arranging concurrent data transfer.  Datomia is scalable, fault-tolerant and highly available. With our proprietary algorithms, there is no single point of failure.  

Datomia is both a file system and object storage system in one place.  Datomia stores data objects, such as files, images, videos and database records, by creating encoded Data Atoms (TM) with information DNA and geographically dispersing them in many private and public data centers.  

There is no vendor lock-in or cloud storage lock-in.  The client has the full power to decide which vendor they want to work with, and can even change vendors on the fly. There is full control over data and content, which is managed with an easy-to-use control center for all key stakeholders.  

Datomia combines maximum security and scalability with geographical and vendor flexibility.  

We look forward to talking with you about your specific needs and showcasing our unique marketplace advantages with our real-time demo.  

-The Datomia Team 

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