High Availability NAS Platform

Datomizer® High Availability Platform

Experience Fast Performance And High-Availability Data Storage With Maximum Security for Your IT Environment

The Datomizer® High Availability NAS Platform enables your company to have high availability to data, while resolving the related deployment, scalability, performance, and data security issues.

The Datomizer® High Availability NAS Platform provides:

Failed Node Protection

The Datomizer® storage environment ensures that if any part of your system crashes, the workload is immediately directed to other operational parts of your environment without requiring administrative intervention. The system can tolerate four simultaneous outage from four data centers and still function at 100% capacity. Datomia®’s unique approach delivers the powerful combination of analytics and storage in a geographically distributed single system. This allows organizations to efficiently scale their Big Data environments to tens of petabytes, or even to exabyte scale.

A reduced risk of data loss

With the ability to re-create the original file with only 60% of the data stored around the world, there is no single point of failure.
The Datomia® platform intelligently indexes and caches all data prior to uploading or downloading from the cloud. This “smart caching” technique categorizes encrypted data blocks, which are independently managed and subject to self-healing methodologies.

Built-in security with Data AtomsTM

Based on a Datomia proprietary algorithm and the use of erasure coding, Datomizer® mixes and hides original data in what we call the Data AtomsTM. These are encrypted and randomized fragments of the original data. Datomizer® stores these Data AtomsTM across a wide range of storage nodes. As a result, the data is extremely secure. Even if a hacker penetrates several data-centers and gains access to the data, they won’t be able to make sense out of the erasure-coded and encrypted data fragments.

A platform agnostic system

Datomizer® is platform agnostic. You’re able to host your data with any cloud provider. As a result, you can reduce the risk of being be locked into a specific vendor.

How it works

The Datomizer® instances reside in the pre-packaged Docker virtual instances, and the actual data resides in low cost nodes. Multiple instances of Datomizer® can be deployed with each having the same access to the storage file system. If one instance goes down, the other instances continues to operate. This achieves fault tolerance and high availability.

Built on Resilience

A key feature of Datomizer® is to allow node failure up to a user defined number (e.g. six in a ten-node system), as each node can be in different geographical locations. In the case of a failure in one region or a complete data center outage, your application will still run as if nothing has happened.


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