High Performance Virtual Global Vault

Datomizer® High Performance Virtual Global Vault™

High Performance Virtual Global File System For Your Organization with Enhanced Security

Organizational storage requirements are growing at an exponential rate. With increasing demand for real-time streaming, hierarchical file management systems struggle to manage today’s complex, global storage systems.

The Datomizer® High Performance Virtual Global Vault meets the needs of any company that requires

A single file system with global access

Traditional network-attached storage (NAS) solutions typically run in a single instance, virtual machine or appliance. Datomia® can run many NAS instances, in any data center, all with a consistent view of the data. This means organizations can aggregate disk space located on many storage nodes regardless of geographic proximity. Anyone who is logged in to the vault will see the same set of files, from any location. One office can run Datomia® in London and another office in New York, and they will see and access the exact same file system.

50x faster download/upload speed

Datomizer® is the only software defined storage solution that allows companies to manage storage at tens of petabytes scale. You can upload, download and transfer large data sets from one data center into another at 50 times their current rate. Datomia’s improved performance algorithm for data processing avoids the intensive CPU overhead demands and resulting latency you see with other erasure coding-based solutions. As a result, Datomia® can be software only. It doesn’t require a hardware device for encoding files. It also avoids operational limitations within data centers.

Enhanced security

To achieve higher levels of security (and protect customer’s data from unauthorized access and theft), the Datomia® erasure code mixes and hides the customer’s original data. It can do this within public or private cloud premises. You can configure the data mixture according to your preference. Higher mixture degrees correspond to higher levels of data protection against unauthorized access and higher data retrieval complexity.

A platform agnostic system

Datomizer® is platform agnostic. You’re able to host your data with any cloud provider. As a result, you can reduce the risk of being be locked into a specific vendor.

Movie producers

Movie producers need to transfer their film from the shooting location to the editing suite as quickly as possible. Doing this reduces their production costs significantly. Using Datomizer®, production engineers can have immediate access to un-edited film from the location shoots, and the movie company can reduce the turnaround time from filming to editing. Film studios are increasingly targeted by hackers trying to access their content. They need to ensure their data is stored as securely as possible.

How it works

All applications access the data through the Datomizer® High Performance Virtual Global Vault. The Datomizer® instances reside in the pre-packaged Docker virtual instances, and the actual data resides in low cost nodes. You can deploy more than one instances of Datomizer®, with each instance having the same access to the actual storage. If one instance goes down, the other Datomizer® instances continue to operate. As a result, you have fault tolerance and high availability.

Datomizer® High Performance Virtual Global Vault System Configuration level security, iSCSI, NFS v3 v4, CIFS and Datomizer® High Availability NAS Platform’s industry-leading features include military level security, iSCSI, NFS v3 v4, CIFS and SMB, de-duplication, cross-zone and cross-region replication, encryption and compression, Failed Node Protection and more.


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