SecureData Solution

Datomizer® SecureData™ Solution

A Highly Secure and Resilient Data Platform For Your Organization

With the Datomizer® SecureData™ solution, you can encrypt, randomize and store fragments of original data around the world. If one or more nodes within the platform is compromised (for example, hacked or ransomware infected) the compromised part of the system can be brought off-line without affecting any other functioning parts of the platform.

Datomizer® Secure Data Solution provides

Built-in security with Data AtomsTM

Based on a Datomia proprietary algorithm and the use of erasure coding, Datomizer® mixes and hides original data in what we call the Data AtomsTM. These are encrypted and randomized fragments of the original data. Datomizer® stores these Data AtomsTM across a wide range of storage nodes. As a result, the data is extremely secure. Even if a hacker penetrates several data-centers and gains access to the data, they won’t be able to make sense out of the erasure-coded and encrypted data fragments.

Built-in high performance

High performance is achieved through uploading/downloading these small Data Atoms® to/from multiple locations, with each having its own transmission pipe. What used to be streaming from one location is now streaming from multiple locations. As a result, the limitation on speed is no longer traffic and bandwidth - it becomes the ‘last mile’ issue.

Built-in resilience

Datomizer® allows node failure up to a user-defined number. For example, six nodes in a ten-node system. The nodes can be a combination of AWS S3 nodes, other cloud storage providers’ nodes, and nodes from your own data center. The nodes can also be in different geographical locations. In the case of a disaster in one region, or a complete data center outage, applications will still be running as if nothing had happened.

A platform agnostic system

Datomizer® is platform agnostic. You’re able to host your data with any cloud provider. As a result, you can reduce the risk of being be locked into a specific vendor.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enriching people’s lives by connecting of billions of devices. However, it is also providing cybercriminals with an unprecedented opportunity to gain entry and steal data from your business. With the growing use of data analytics and big data, there’s an urgent need for you to secure your large quantities of data against hacking. With the Datomizer® SecureData™ Solution, if a location is infected with a ransomware (as in the case of Merck in June 2017), the data nodes can be taken off-line, and you can still allow employees access to actual data stored in other unaffected locations. Similarly, with the famous Sony hack, if Sony had deployed the Datomizer® SecureData™ solution, even if the hacker group were able to gain access to specific data node(s), it would not have been able to make sense out of the data it had obtained.

How it works

All applications access the data through the Datomizer® global file system. The Datomizer® instances reside in the pre-packaged Docker virtual instances, and the actual data resides in low cost nodes. You can deploy more than one instance of Datomizer®, with each instance having the same access to the actual storage. If one instance goes down, is hacked, locked out, or crashes, the other Datomizer® instances continue to operate. This feature allows you to localize and isolate a compromised situation, and allow the overall system to function without interruption. As a result, you have fault tolerance and high availability.


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